Welcome to the public outreach site for the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council’s 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, A Shared Vision for Sustainable Growth (the Plan or RTP)This Plan will be the 25-year blueprint for transportation strategies and investments in the NYMTC region, which includes the five boroughs of New York City; the lower Hudson Valley counties of  Putnam, Rockland and Westchester; and Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long island.  It will cover all modes of surface transportation from a regional perspective including highways, streets, public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, goods movement and special needs transportation. In addition, it will also address key transportation activities such as operations and management of the transportation system, safety, security and air quality conformity analysis.

What is the RTP, or
the Plan?

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP or the Plan) is an integral part of the transportation planning process in the ten-county New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) region, laying out the region’s transportation needs and desires through  2040.

We’re Listening

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Why is NYMTC updating the Regional Transportation Plan and why do we need public input?
Federal regulations require that we update the Plan every four years. Your involvement helps us ensure that future transportation investments reflect the needs, interests and concerns of those most affected — YOU!
What does NYMTC want to hear from the public and what will happen to our comments?
The Plan is multi-modal so we want your input into all aspects of transportation – road, transit, biking, walking, freight and others. All comments and ideas will be considered and could help shape the 2040 Plan.

How do I find the RTP?

Paper copies are available from the NYMTC Office, 199 Water Street, 22nd Floor, NY, NY 10038 and electronic copies are available on the NYMTC website.